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Kujawsko-Pomorska Biblioteka Cyfrowa (Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library)
Organisation:Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Toruniu (Nicolaus Copernicus University)
Address:Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Toruniu, ul. Gagarina 13, 87-100 Torun
Location:Latitude: 53.033330 & Longitude: 18.600000, Google Map
Description:This site is a subject based repository providing access to the publication output relating to, and originating from, the Kujawsko-Pomomorski region of Poland. It includes a great number of digitised historical and contemporary texts covering a wide range of subjects. The site interface is available in Polish, German and English, and the repository is well supported with background information and guidance documentation. A RSS feed is available for anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with newly added materials. You will need DjVu browser plugin to view documents.
Type:Disciplinary - Operational
Size:186144 items (2018-07-19)
Software:dLibra, Version: 5.2.1
Subjects:Multidisciplinary; Geography and Regional Studies; History and Archaeology
Content:Articles; Books; Learning Objects; Multimedia
Languages:Polish; English; French
Remarks:Project participants include: Nicolaus Copernicus University Library in Toruń, Collegium Medicum Library in Bydgoszcz, Kazimierz Wielki University Library in Bydgoszcz, as well as the remaining libraries of Scientific Libraries Consortium of Kujawsko-Pomomorski Region.
OpenDOAR ID:796, Last reviewed: 2014-12-18, Suggest an update for this record - Missing data is needed for: Policies
Link to this record:
Standardised Metadata Policy for information describing items in the repository

    Grade: Metadata re-use policy explicitly undefined
  1. Anyone may access the metadata free of charge.
  2. No metadata re-use policy defined. Assume no rights at all have been granted.
Standardised Data Policy for full-text and other full data items

    Grade: Re-use of full data items permitted for not-for-profit purposes
  1. Anyone may access full items free of charge.
  2. Copies of full items generally can be:
    • reproduced
    • for personal research or study purposes without prior permission or charge.
    • the authors, title and full bibliographic details are given
    • a hyperlink and/or URL are given for the original metadata page
  3. This repository is not the publisher; it is merely the online archive.
  4. For more information see webpage:
Standardised Content Policy for types of document & data set held

    Grade: Content policies explicitly undefined
  1. This is a multi-institution subject-based repository.
  2. Subject Specialities:
    • Multidisciplinary
    • Geography and Regional Studies
    • History and Archaeology
  3. No content policy defined.
Standardised Submission Policy concerning depositors, quality & copyright

    Grade: Submission policies explicitly undefined
  1. No submission policy defined.
Standardised Preservation Policy

    Grade: Preservation policies defined
  1. Items will be retained indefinitely.
  2. The repository will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility.
    • Items will be migrated to new file formats where necessary.
    • Where possible, software emulations will be provided to access un-migrated formats.
    • It may not be possible to guarantee the readability of some unusual file formats.
  3. The repository is working with external partners to convert or migrate file formats
  4. The repository regularly backs up its files according to current best practice.
  5. Items may be removed at the request of the author/copyright holder.
  6. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include:
    • Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
    • Legal requirements and proven violations
    • National Security
    • Falsified research
    • contracts or licenses that might infringe the author’s copyright
  7. Withdrawn items are not deleted per se, but are removed from public view.
  8. Withdrawn items' identifiers/URLs are retained indefinitely.
  9. URLs will continue to point to 'tombstone' citations, to avoid broken links and to retain item histories.
  10. If necessary, an updated version may be deposited.
  11. In the event of the repository being closed down, the database will be transferred to another appropriate archive.
  12. For more information see webpage:

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