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This is a legacy version of OpenDOAR that is running to allow the graceful migration of our users' API-based applications.

Records are no longer being updated, and this version will be turned off on November 21st, 2018.

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Growth of the OpenDOAR Database - Worldwide

Growth of the OpenDOAR Database - Worldwide

OpenDOAR - 15-Nov-2018

OpenDOAR - 15-Nov-2018

This graph shows the changing size of the OpenDOAR Database over time.

The shape of the chart in 2006 reflects the work of OpenDOAR rather than the growth of the number of actual repositories. A backlog of new records built up while the database was being redeveloped during mid-2006, and clearing this backlog created the step in the graph. The chart better represents the true growth in the number of repositories from 2007 onwards.

The database shrank slightly at the beginning of 2012 as a result of quality control exercise that revealed a number of non-functioning repositories.

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